The Distance Learning Lab

Children need a safe place with professionals supporting their academic growth and fostering their social, emotional and physical needs—while elementary schools remains closed. Introducing Kids Klub’s Distance Learning Lab....
The Distant Learning Lab

Here, our highly-trained, enthusiastic and caring staff will ensure that your child attends all their remote class sessions and teacher/child conferences via high speed internet connection.


  • Monitor and assist your child to make sure he or she is doing their required school work and successfully submitting assignments on time.
  • Optimize your child’s individualized learning objectives by maintaining communication with parents—and to the extent possible—your child’s teacher.
  • Continue with small ratios and consistent family/classroom units of 12 or less to meet and exceed all current CDC and Department of Public Health Guidelines.
  • Have a collection of resources and supplies available that your child may need for assignments.
The Distant Learning Lab
In conjunction with their remote learning, we will also be offering safe, healthy, fun, innovative and educational extracurricular activities AFTER they complete their required schoolwork. These include Art, Language, Dance, Music, Gardening, Strategy Games, Non-Contact Sports and a wonderful collection of STEAM activities to nurture their social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs. Please call us at 626-941-5583 if you have any questions.

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